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Navratri Garba with Pujyashree

As per Hindu Mythology, “Navratri” connotes victory of Good over Bad and for residents of Amba Township it means spending 9 days with Gnani Purush Pu. Deepakbhai.

Every year Navratri is celebrated in the different parts of township, especially the newly constructed sector gets priority. The program starts with Dadai Garba for about an hour or so, then aarti of Amba Mataji, Pu. Deepakbhai’s short satsang and then Prasad at the end. 

People of all age involve themselves in this Garba – a perfect means to forget ones kahsayas and more so to get benefit of 50 Samayiks ! the whole atmosphere becomes godly and more so on the visit of pu. Deepakbhai.

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