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9th May 2013 - Sasthi Purti Mahotsav (PUJYASHREE's 60 Years of Completion)

Residents of Amba township and Simandhar City witnessed an exciting and fulfilled evening while we celebrated 61st Birthday of Pu. Deepakbhai at Bliss Garden.

Various billboards were showcased on the roads of Amba township which added to the anxiety of mahatmas The special invitees were mahatmas who have crossed 90 years of age. Pu. Deepakbhai went to each of them and talked to them and everyone showered their blessings on him. 

Highlight of the program was that the whole program was anchored by two kids. Pu. Deepakbhai dined in the presence of mahatmas and a special “Annakut” was made with the help of 60 food items, each one of which was tasted by Pu. Deepakbhai.

Then was the turn of the entertaining drama displaying the ill-effects of using gnan in a wrong manner. There was a special dance by various kids of BMHT, LMHT and YMHT.

A three layered cake was cut by pu. Deepakbhai as a token of celebration of his 60th birthday. Impromptu Dohas were sung by mahatmas depicting the importance of Gnani purush and also that the figure in his age 61 have just interchanged and he indeed looks like a 16 year old.

Mahatmas from across India were invited to be a part of this mega event and almost 10000 people turned up. This even was telecasted live on web TV and many mahatmas from foreign countries could participate in this program thru that. 

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